Leader in co-manufacturing and co-packing.

About us


We have been present on the market since 1989.Then – as one of the first companies in the region – Fobosstarted its operations as a distributor of high quality foil packing for food products.Through the years ofexperience earned in searching for its own paths, we became a leading co-manufacturer and co-packer in foodindustry.

Fobos today

We have been working hard for where we are today. We are a stable company with Polish capital. We workwith the best – our Customers are the largest multinationals operating in food industry. We are an integral partof supply chain of such giants as Mondelez, Mars, Wrigley, Nestle or Unilever.With them and for them wehave become the world quality service provider and company of world level organisational culture.



We believe that successful business to a large degree depends on safety of our employees.In FobosEVERYONE is responsible for work safety and EVERYONE is able to enhance it.We observe that activeapproach to safety and strong commitment of management bring measureable effects.


Our Customers’ requirements are very high but years of experience and strong commitment of qualitydepartment enable us to meet all the challenging co-packed products quality and safety requirements.At themoment we are quality management ISO 9001 system and food safety IFS system certified.

Ethics and transparency in business

We build a company of high organisational culture; therefore we especially care for ethical conduct andtransparency in both, business relationships and internal relations in our organisation. We are registered onSEDEX platform – global platform of ethical standard information share within a supply chain.To confirmstandards implemented in our organisation we submitted to SMETA audit in terms of on work and safetystandards as well as elements of labour law.

Improvement and growth

Each and every year we develop and grow further.We improve our company in organisational and essentialterms thanks to internally implemented PRO-Fobos improvement system.We develop also in terms ofproduction volume, machinery stock and technical and technological fields.We are very proud of our staffwhich is the strength of our organisation.We put development and talent of our people at the first place.Weengage competent, ambitious and creative candidates who are willing to grow with us.

Supporting local community

We actively participate in local community life. We support educational institutions (schools, kindergartens)as a part of “In support of big hearts” program, as well as other local institutions in case of which we can see that they not only need support but have also growth potential. We founded fire equipment for DistrictHeadquarters of State Fire Service in Sztum.We support sport activities of local sports clubs and players:for many years we have been a main sponsor of Pekin Olimpic Games competitor, Canadian-type canoeist, Wojciech Tyszyński, we have been also sponsoring GKS Wybrzeże Gdańsk speedway motorcyclists for a few seasons, we also cooperate with “Olimpia” Sztum Football Club. For a few years now we have been sponsoring Lower Powiśle and Żuławy PROWINCJA social and cultural quarterly which gathers artists, authors and enthusiasts living or related to the region of Lower Powiśle and Żuławy. It publishes poems, short stories, memories and relations from interesting artistic events, historical articles, reviews as well as interesting facts from local community life.



Our operations

Co-manufacturing and co-packing

The essence of our activity is product “co-manufacturing” with our Customers.Components delivered byCustomers are processed and packed in unit packages in which they are marketed.Our production lines allowpacking products of various shapes, weight and structures – for example: chewing gums, sweets, cakes,chocolate products, tea, coffee, cereals, powder drinks.

Products are packed in various type packaging:

- bag, doypack, pouch, stick type foil packs

- flowpack (in-pack and on-pack) type foil packs

- various type plastic and metal containers



We offer work for a company of grounded market position as an European leader in co-manufacturing and co-packing industry, recognised as a reliable partner in cooperation with multinational corporations.

Our recruitment policy focuses on higher schools graduates with very good English command. We look for candidates from Sztum, Kwidzyn and Malbork and the nearest vicinity supporting this way local labour market.Each position in our company provides the possibility of professional promotion. Therefore, we employ ambitious, willing to learn and develop in both: professional and personal terms. We ensure interesting work related to serious projects completion and cooperation with multinationals.Our new employees are provided on-the-job training programs introducing to company specificity, unique software and applicable quality management systems.

Labour programs

Our employees may benefit from two dedicated labour programs:


Thanks to professional medical care Fobos employees have an easy access to diversified medical services, possibility to undergo medical examinations and preventive vaccinations.


Our best employees may benefit from our holiday program, as a part of which we organise domestic or abroad family trips with additional attractions depending on the place of stay.
Even if we do not look for employee of your specialisation at the moment but it is in line with the profile of our company – please write to us! Maybe we will be able to offer you a job.



+48 55 277 39 45


ul. Żeromskiego 6, 82-400 Sztum

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